Dear Families,

We appreciate your patience and support as we began the year with new learning models and numerous safety protocols for students and staff. As we progress through the year, we understand that you and your child may have questions regarding your learning model (In-Person, Distance, Hybrid, Accommodated Distance).

The school principal will work closely with you on questions or requests regarding learning models. We respectfully request that once a model is selected, the student attempt to remain in the model for four weeks before submitting a change request.

If a change is requested to move from distance learning to in-person, please note that it may take up to two weeks for the plan to be implemented, as schedules, seating arrangements, and teacher assignments may need adjusting.

Please note that if your child is remaining home due to COVID Symptoms or is quarantined, you do not need to complete the Learning Model Change Request. The school nurse or secretary will work with you on using the Distance Learning options during that time.

Link to the request form